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How to grow a better beard with the right beard oil


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Beard oil belongs in every bearded man’s personal grooming toolkit, but all oils are not made equal. 

Choosing the right beard oil may feel like stepping into foreign territory, especially if you’ve only just gotten into growing out a beard.

You should always feel good about your beard care. The better you feel about your beard, the more confident you’ll be. It’s a win-win.

So what exactly constitutes a full beard care routine? And how does having one help you grow a better beard? We’re glad you asked.

The best beard growth strategy differs depending on age, hair texture, and your natural beard growth pattern. But no matter what you’re working with, beard oil can help you achieve a fuller, stronger, healthier beard all the way around.

In this guide, we’ll be walking you through the best beard routine for a better growth process. You’ll learn the importance of each step, as well as how beard oil can improve your overall beard health and look. 

Ready to get started? Let’s dive right into the most important question.

How long does it take to grow a beard? 

Growing a beard can take several weeks to several months. Your target length, ideal look, and natural growth rate will affect just how long it takes for you to get the style you’re after.

Truthfully, not all men can grow a full beard, but that’s okay. They can work with the facial hair they have.

Like your hair, your beard needs specialized products with the right formulas to nourish not only the hair itself but the skin underneath.

Have you ever used a cheap shampoo and experienced dry, dull hair and dandruff? The same thing can happen to your beard with the wrong products. 

If you aren’t using anything for beard care, you’ll definitely find yourself struggling to get the same soft texture, fullness, and shape that you’re after. 

Thankfully, men's beard care is a massive market, meaning there are tons of products out there to help you crush your routine. 

Take True Sons, which we’ve hand-crafted to bring gents like yourself the best beard oil and beard dye that you can use to get barber-level results at home. 

Our Daily Beard & Scalp Oil, for example, helps men at every level of the beard game have fuller, healthier hair. 


The 4-Step, Fool-proof Routine to Growing a Better Beard

Here are four steps that will help you grow your beard without all the stress. The sooner you start implementing these strategies, the better.

Seriously, even if you’re currently bare-faced, you need to gear up, get the right gear, and start finding products that will nurture your baby beard as it grows.

  1. Use a Dedicated Beard Wash

If you’re just sudsing up with shampoo, you’re not giving your beard the TLC it deserves. Beard hair is coarser than your natural hair, so it requires a different type of formula for the best results. 
When choosing a beard wash, make sure you look for natural products that don’t contain parabens. The more organic the ingredient list, the better. 

Shampoo strips oils from the hair that can be disastrous for your beard. Beard Wash, on the other hand, removes dirt and excess oil without drying out the stands. 

You need beard hair that has its own fair amount of natural oil to ensure it stays healthy and strong. Beard wash makes your beard more hydrated, fuller, and fresher.

We suggest washing your beard at least three times a week. Avoid overwashing though, which can dry hair out more and irritate the skin.

Pro tip: Make sure that you avoid washing your beard a few days before dyeing it. This helps protect the texture and skin while also allowing for deeper dye penetration. 

If you currently have visible skin and little hair growth, wait until your beard fills in to apply a wash. Using beard wash directly on your face can lead to skin irritation and clogged pores. 


  1. Get the Right Grooming Tools

Every man needs a pair of good trimming scissors, an electric buzzer and a beard brush or comb.

Routine trimmings are the easiest way to promote healthy beard growth. It can also influence the shape and fullness of your beard, which is especially important if you’re growing it out or trying to keep a thick mane in line.

Invest in high-quality products. When it comes to brushes, use a soft-bristle brush if you’re just growing out your beard or have sensitive skin. If you’ve had a beard for a while, then a high-quality brush made from durable boar hair will do the trick.

Beard brushes lift the hair from your face, resulting in a more robust look. If you prefer something sleeker, then opt for a comb made from high-quality wood.


  1. Use Beard Oil 

Now, this is the most important part of this routine. Beard oil is not just a styling product. It’s designed to nourish your hair and skin underneath for better health, less itch, and a fuller beard all around.

Beard oil can also help prevent the dreaded itch and flakiness that a lot of men experience. Natural beard oil draws from pure, nourishing ingredients to give your beard (and face) a 5-star treatment each time you use it.

True Sons Daily Beard & Scalp Oil is one-of-a-kind in that it works on both hair and facial hair. 

It’s been specially designed to nurture dyed hair and beards without removing color or altering texture. 

You can use our beard oil daily for hydration. Moisturizing your beard will reduce itching, keep your hair texture sleek and soft, and reduce any skin dryness or irritation.

How to Use Beard Oil Like a Pro

  • After a shower or washing your face, add 2 or 3 drops into one hand and rub your palms together. 
  • Give yourself a relaxing face massage as you work the beard oil into your beard, moving from top to bottom. 
  • Finish up with some light brushing or combing to ensure even distribution and fuller absorption. 

A common question men ask is whether using beard oil will ruin their dye job. While some harsher oils might, True Sons is designed to nourish colored hair on men. 

Instead of lifting dyes, the right oil actually helps keep your hair more hydrated, which helps it maintain its color longer. 


  1. Eat Healthy

Nutrition and diet play large roles in beard growth. Eating a healthy diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables while watching your weight. 

It turns out that being overweight or obese can lower testosterone levels, which will negatively impact beard growth.

Healthier, stronger hair also comes from getting enough protein. Eggs are one of the “beard superfoods” because they contain protein, vitamin D, biotin, and cholesterol, which stimulates testosterone production and leads to thicker, fuller hair.


How Beard Oil Helps Beard Growth

Beard oil helps hydrate, smooth, soften, and nourish beard hair at every stage of growth. So, whether you plan on having thick, full-face hair or want to keep things close-cropped, our beard oil can help you achieve the greatest look. 

We made True Sons Daily Beard & Scalp Oil with the best ingredients for men’s beard care. It’s specifically designed to support men’s beards at every age, as well as different styles. 

Whether you’re in your 20s getting a beard for the first time, or you’re in your 50s sporting a silver fox look, we’ve made a product that we’re proud to offer all men.

  • Use it morning or night thanks to its light texture and refreshing scent.
  • Support your beard’s fullest, healthiest look throughout the dye journey.
  • Say goodbye to oily build-up or residue with our silicon-free formula. 

If you’d like to get your hands on the best beard oil for every man, click here to visit our shop