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A Cut Above

The Pole.

The national symbol for well groomed men is a beacon of true masculinity. Swirling stripes in all-American red, white, and blue draw you into join a fraternal order of men on a mission. It’s a beacon for the last sanctuary where men can still be men — well-groomed, well-mannered men. Beyond those hallowed doors, you sit at the altar of one of the few fellow men that you can truly trust, your barber.

Here he is...part therapist, part magician, This is your guy, the ultimate bromance. You put a lot of trust in him, yet you’re always a bit vulnerable. He’s got sharp objects near sensitive organs and necessary appendages. Yet, he’s earned your trust and has your back. Amongst the fraternal hierarchy, he’s up there with dad and bros.

In today’s fast-paced world, the barbershop is a democratized place of camaraderie amongst men. You return to this familiar dwelling to feel good again. And although familiar, the classic shops have taken their services up a notch by offering amenities and incentives that make your visit of special value.

Here in the Journal section of our site, we’ll share all points of interest, people to know, and those extras that make your grooming rituals enhanced, enjoyable, and envied. For True Sons Grooming, this is our mission...making you the best version of yourself (with a little help from your friends). Please also follow our Instagram and Facebook pages.