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Our Founding Father

When our founder started going gray he turned to drugstore hair dyes and was shocked at the poor experience and the embarrassing, fake looking results. There had to be a better way to dye, he thought, and True Sons was born. It took three years, multiple failures, and a team of dedicated, hard working, smart people but today we are proud to introduce True Sons' innovative hair dye foam. It's a completely novel, no nonsense and elegant approach to the men's hair dye category. We are very proud of what we have accomplished. It's always a beautiful day to dye, with True Sons.


The mission of True Sons is to help men dye well. For the modern guy this means dying quickly and looking great while doing it. For decades men were left to dye in secret with little support or encouragement on how to dye right. True Sons is changing that. We believe today’s man deserves to look his best and to enjoy the benefits of dyeing. After using our product, you will look and feel great because it boosts the best parts of you, instead of changing you into someone you’re not. It’s always a beautiful day to dye with True Sons.

No Place Like Home

Skip the salons! True Sons uses the same high-quality ingredients you’d get at a
salon, at a fraction of the price. And you don’t have to worry about your
baseketball buddies taking pics of you with foil on your head. 

The Result

True Sons Dye Foam is a proprietary, all-in-one, revolutionary foam. It took us three years to develop and on the way, we failed several times. Miserably. But we stuck at it. We wanted something that didn’t suck and that could be applied effortlessly from beard to body. We are proud of the product we have developed and hope you will love it as much as we do.