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Why True Sons?

No Mixing

Our innovative, patent-pending formula can be used right out of the bottle with no mixing for easy application.

Natural-Looking Results

The air-oxidizing foam works with the tones of your natural hair to gradually phase out the gray.

Multiple Use

True Sons can be used multiple times over a sustained period of time. One bottle contains an average three to four applications.

Satisfaction Guarantee

If you're not completely satisfied with the results from your first kit, we will send you a new one with an alternative shade or your money back.

Hear from Other True Sons


I’m a 57 year old Ginger. I would otherwise have a completely white beard and mustache with just a bit of white around my temples. Being a Ginger, I found it almost impossible to find a dye that worked for me. First off, the “women’s” dyes burned my eyes and nose when I tried them on my mustache. Second, I couldn’t find the right color. I’d end up looking like a scary clown or it’d be an unnatural color of maroon or orange. True Son’s gave me a natural color so my beard matches the hair on my head. My hair color darkens in the winter so I just leave it on a bit longer in the winter. Lately I’ve been blending in some in my temple area. It’s amazing how well it works with my natural hair color. I love not having to mix chemicals and the easy cleanup. I love True Sons.

8 months ago
Nearly 20k men already dye with True Sons. Join our community and feel sexier naturally

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