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An Aging Man’s Guide to Looking Young - 5 Dopp kit Essentials

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True Sons is a foam-based men's hair dye committed to helping men dye right. We're bringing you this series of blogs to help educate and inform the men’s hair dyeing community. Reach out with any comments or questions to

As you mature, your approach to looking young and your essentials should evolve with you. Nobody’s ever excited when they wake up, look in the mirror and spot wrinkles, white hair, fine lines and crow's feet. You can’t escape it. But you don’t have to succumb to aging — you can look young by filling your Dopp kit with suitable everyday essentials.

If you want to hold on to your youth, here’s what every man must have in their grooming kit:

  1. Hair trimmer
  2. Anti-aging moisturizer
  3. Pocket comb
  4. Beard oil
  5. True Sons hair and beard dye

1. Hair Trimmer

The facial hair era is still going strong and something many men continue to embrace. Beards might still be in, but in a less-scruffy and more well-groomed way.

After washing your face, it’s the perfect time to trim and shape your beard as your hair follicles will play ball. However, trimming generally works better when your facial hair is dry. Although scissors and a comb can also help trim unkempt hair to keep your beard length level, this can take longer and isn’t ideal for men with a busy lifestyle. 

This should be a priority to keep your beard looking sharp. Regarding your nose hair, it’s best to trim that regularly, too, especially if gray hair is visible.

2. Anti-aging Moisturizer

Typical signs of aging include excessive drying and loss of skin firmness and elasticity. Find an anti-aging moisturizer that’s kind to your skin and make it your daily morning routine — your skin will thank you.

By having an anti-aging moisturizer in your essentials kit, you’ll be on your way to lifting the sagging skin below your eyes, neck and cheek areas. It also keeps the skin moist so you can worry less about unwanted peelings and flaking. However, you can only enjoy the benefits when you use your anti-aging moisturizer daily.

Over time, your skin will become firmer. It’ll redefine your skin tone, reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines while boosting your skin’s brightness and radiance — ultimately making you look younger and increasing confidence.

3. Pocket Comb

Sandalwood, wide-tooth, fine-tooth, hair pick, peachwood — you aren’t short of pocket comb options to keep your beard and hair looking stylish as the day goes on. An unkempt beard that looks like it hasn’t been washed or groomed can add years to how you look.

A durable pocket comb will separate your hair to give your beard a fluffy, fuller appearance while covering any patches. Combing daily also means you won’t suffer from ingrown hairs, which can cause your beard to itch.

The right pocket comb in your essentials kit is critical. Use one that can glide through your beard, so you don’t need to force the comb through it and risk taking out chunks of hair.

4. Beard Oil

Just like your skin needs an anti-aging moisturizer to look younger, your beard needs the same tender, love and care to maintain a youthful look. With so many beard oil, wax, shampoo and conditioners on the market, find one that will stop your mature hair from becoming too uncomfortable, itchy and coarse and add it to your grooming kit.

Even if you’ve dyed your beard, beard oils won’t affect the color or quality of your beard. Beard oil will extend your beard dye’s life as the skin and hair remain hydrated and protected. 

Apply two to three drops into your palms and massage it into your beard after a shower or bath. To distribute it evenly and also style your beard, use your comb from your grooming kit and comb the beard throughout the oil. 

5. True Sons Hair and Beard Dye

You don’t need to regularly visit salons to dye your hair. True Sons’ men’s hair dye is easy to use and portable, so you can eliminate those gray hairs wherever you are. True Sons is a demi-permanent dye, so it’ll gradually fade out your gray hairs and wash out over time — but use it consistently and regularly to get natural-looking results.

You won’t need to discreetly pick up another bottle of Just for Men. This foam-based hair dye for men can be used multiple times with a bottle lasting around four to six applications, depending on the amount you use.

That’s why it’s so easy and convenient to use and belongs in your grooming kit. True Sons hair and beard dye can be used straight from the bottle, which will look good on your shelf or in your Dopp kit. You’ll quickly boost your confidence by looking younger.

True Sons 

True Son's is a demi-permanent hair dye foam that comes out from the bottle like shaving cream and wipes up effortlessly if it gets onto the skin. It can be used both on head and beard hair to cover up grays

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