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Is Men’s Hair Dye Different from Women’s Hair Dye?

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Is Men’s Hair Dye Different from Women’s Hair Dye? 

If you’ve ever been down the hair care aisle at the store or seen the wall of product at a salon, you know there’s a sea of hair dyes out there to wade through—most of them aimed at women. 

Hair dyes for men typically get a fraction of the shelf space. But why is this? Is there a difference between men’s hair dye and women’s hair dye? And does it matter?

To tackle that question, we first need to talk about what hair dye actually is and how it works. 

The different types of hair dye

Hair dye comes in three main types: permanent, demi-permanent, and temporary. 

Permanent hair color soaks the hair cuticle with dye for a change in color that is locked in and, well, permanent. 

Demi-permanent hair color creates a more subtle look by gradually blending out gray hairs over time and requires consistent use for good results. It doesn’t need retouching and doesn’t leave obvious growth at the roots the way permanent hair color does. 

Temporary hair color works only on the surface of the hair, not penetrating into the cuticle, for a sheer color change that washes out with shampoo. 

In each case, hair dye interacts with the structure of the hair to change the color. Since hair is structurally identical between men and women, there is no chemical difference between hair dye for men and hair dye for women. 

The reason for having separate products targeted at men and women is in how they use hair dye. Typically, men and women use hair dye in different amounts, at different frequencies, and for different purposes. 

Women on average tend to have longer hair than men, so women’s hair dye contains more product to provide the necessary coverage. And because men generally have shorter hair than women, they need to dye it more frequently since uncolored roots are much more noticeable on two inches of hair than they are on twelve inches. 

Why is men’s hair dye for men growing in popularity? 

Even though they still don’t have quite as many options as women, more and more men are gravitating toward hair dye. There are plenty of good reasons for this—from simple pride in looking good to an increase in information on how to use hair dye for men and how it can improve their lives. 

Men want to look good

Being happy with your appearance is a major aspect of well-being, and men of all ages are now becoming more conscious of the link between looking good and feeling good. They’re making more of an effort to take care of themselves and their appearance and riding the wave of confidence that comes from feeling happy in your own skin. 

Traditional gender notions are being tossed out the window

The conversation around gender is finally evolving and this is a welcome breath of fresh air in the culture. Men who were once hesitant to fully express themselves with their appearance are now more empowered to do so without fear of being questioned, or worse, punished for it. 

Social media is spotlighting male grooming and fashion

Social media has made it easier than ever for men to find information and inspiration when it comes to grooming and fashion. There are a ton of male influencers on all the major social media platforms who not only embody the kind of style and flair that many men would like to have themselves, they also post content that shows men how to style and groom themselves step by step. 

Stylish men role models are everywhere

A new generation of men above the age of 35 are setting a different standard and making it acceptable and aspirational to have fun and experiment with their looks. Rami Malek, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Jason Momoa, and more are leading the charge with looks that range from suave and sophisticated to delightful and dandyish on the level of Oscar Wilde. 

Online access reduces the embarrassment factor 

It used to be that men who wanted to buy hair dye for men had to pick a box off the shelf at the drug store and try to conceal it under a mountain of other purchases to avoid being embarrassed by it. Online stores and tutorials have changed all that. 

Now, men can order men’s hair dye from online stores that deliver directly and discreetly to their homes. Plus, they can watch online tutorials and how-to videos to learn how to expertly dye their hair in the privacy of their home, without struggling to make sense of tiny instructions printed on the side of a box. 

Key Takeaways

Men’s hair dye is booming these days, making it easy for men who want to look young, fresh, and stylish to get their hands on the products and information they need. Although they could technically use women’s hair dye to color their hair, men typically have unique needs when it comes to the type of color and how to use it that makes hair dye for men their best option for grooming like a pro. 

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