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Men’s hair styling tips to help you look younger

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Want to know the secret to aging with grace? It’s more than just good genes and luck. 

What it really comes down to is living a healthy lifestyle, managing stress, wearing sunscreen, and following a good grooming routine that includes taking special pride in your hair. 

A vibrant, well-cut head of hair is something that can take years (sometimes decades) off your look, but not all haircuts are created equal. In fact, the wrong haircut and style can actually age you prematurely. 

Before we get into the best haircuts for men who want to look younger, let’s take a moment to talk about who should (and shouldn’t) be messing with your hair and our number one tip for looking fresh and full of life as the years go by.  

Shell out for a bona fide hair stylist

If you want to look dashing and debonair into your later years, a $20 haircut once a month isn’t going to cut it anymore. 

A dedicated hair stylist who knows you and your hair in all its wonderful uniqueness (including your hair texture, thickness, and growth patterns) is worth their weight in gold. They’ll know just what to do about that hairline that seems to be creeping back bit by bit and that thinning at the crown that has you worried. 

So when considering which of the following haircuts for men are right for you, take the time to look for a hair stylist who can actually create these results and recommend more ways for you to style and groom yourself for maximum youthfulness and sophistication. 

Our number one tip for men who want to look younger

Gray hair is a dead giveaway when it comes to age, so if you’re not quite ready to embrace the “man of a certain age” archetype, your best bet is to subtly dye your grays with a hair dye for men. 

A demi-permanent hair dye for men is the easiest and most natural-looking way to change your hair color. They work by gradually fading out the grays over time (which is why they usually need to be used on a consistent basis) so that you don’t attract unwanted attention with a stark new look overnight. 

Now that we’ve got cutting and coloring sorted out, let’s look at the best haircuts for men who want to look younger. 

1. The side part with hair combed back look 

George Clooney rocks this look the best and is the perfect example of how a classic and stylish cut can freeze time and have you looking 30 for several decades. It’s like a dialed down version of Elvis’s fluffed-out pompadour, for a man with a full head of hair who wants to show it off without being too ostentatious. Simply part your hair on the side and then brush back your front hair into a swoopy wave that curves back with just the right amount of height. 

2. The brushed back look 

This look was tailor-made for men with some natural wave to their hair. It’s simple enough to achieve at home with a blow dryer and some light tousling to add even more volume. Just keep the sides of your hair a little long and brush your forelocks away from your face using the diffuser attachment on your dryer to add height and texture. 

The genius of this hair style is that it uses the volume of the hair to create an illusion of fullness, even if you weren’t gifted with thick hair or a hairline that doesn’t budge. 

3. The slick side part look 

A side part works well on just about anyone, but this particular way of handling the side part, which slicks it down for a close-cropped, sleek look, is best for men with a full head of hair. Tame your thick locks with a little bit of product that has some hold to it, like a pomade or gel, and brush your hair into a neat side part à la Leo Dicaprio (he and Ryan Gosling are the gold standard for this ‘do). Loosen up the final look by running your fingers through your hair to break up the gel and avoid the dreaded “helmet hair.”

4. The close-cropped look 

The best haircuts work when they play to your strengths. This last look on our list is for the men who don’t have a lot of hair to work with. The solution to thin locks is to just cut them off. Keeping them short and cut strategically to fade from shaved sides to just a little bit of growth on the top is not only super simple to style and maintain, it hides the fact that you weren’t blessed with a flowing mane. 

To really pump up the “youthful gentleman” factor, grow in a short beard that adds a little weight and definition to your face. If you need to, throw in some beard dye to add color and confidence to your look. 

True Sons 

True Son's is a demi-permanent hair dye foam that comes out from the bottle like shaving cream and wipes up effortlessly if it gets onto the skin. It can be used both on head and beard hair to cover up grays. 

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